European Security Systems A Complete one source Security Solution with physical perimeter protection in the form of
gates, barriers, turnstiles, roadblocks, fences, modern CCTV systems, video motion
detection, bank security, alarms access control as well protection of sites / buildings /
persons, facility management (BMS),installation and maintenance.
Time Management Biometric
LANGE L.L.C. provides complete solutions for data acquisition,data processing and information technology with their compact, PC-based terminals and integrated software modules. In conjunction with our competent partners, we provide complete solutions for advanced time management, time and attendance recording, access control and industrial production data acquisition that are individually suited to your requirements, as well as for POI, multimedia and Internet/Intranet.
Whether you require advanced time management and convenient access control, or if you want to record, process and evaluate machine or order data within the scope of production. Whether you need an information system or kiosk terminal for your foyer or entrance area, or if you need a combination of these applications.
Management of time and data brings financial and organizational rewards. Time management products, together with our partner's many graded and coordinated time management solutions, provide measurable economic benefits. Whatever the scenario, whether making new plans or replacing an existing older time management concept, it is worthwhile discussing it with us. We will give you valuable technical and organizational tips and recommend proven procedures. We will respond quickly with initial approaches along with contacts to our software house partners in your region. Another advantage is that you can select, compare and optimize one or more solutions - decide in your own time. You just do not get one sole solution, but, depending on the situation, an immediate choice of several.
Technologies are converging; the security market is changing. Users are increasingly demanding integration. Space/time and network/PC access are managed using a single identification medium. Biometry provides additional convenience and even higher security. Security for people, buildings, parts of buildings, rooms and the material assets found therein. We provides a comprehensive concept with all the market-relevant ID systems including biometry, perfect networking and interfaces to many door manufacturers.
At present, biometric recognition procedures are the only way of identifying not only an ID card, but also its rightful owner. Biometric access control ensures that the ID card and person correlate and any manipulation is prevented. Biometry is replacing the PIN and improving user convenience and security. Access to PCs, networks and applications can also be controlled. We have got a sound application experience in the biometric sector. Our solutions are mature and operational. Two biometric concepts are available: Fingerprint, the use of the fingerprint as a biometric feature, and FaceCam, biometric face recognition. We rely on secure verification: the ID card triggers one or several stored templates with which the fingerprint or the face is compared. This results in maximum security and high speed. Why not benefit from our sound advice.
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