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gates, barriers, turnstiles, roadblocks, fences, modern CCTV systems, video motion
detection, bank security, alarms access control as well protection of sites / buildings /
persons, facility management (BMS),installation and maintenance.
Finger Scan Face Recognition Hand Scan
One Touch & You are in from corporate server rooms to daycare centers, the FingerScan is the right choice for access applications that demand convenience and security. Using field-proven, patented ID Safe biometric tecnhology, the reader provides unparalleled functionality and ease of use. Quick and easy to install, this system is designed for both standalone and fully networkded applications. It can be easily configured to locally control and monitor a door, or be set to seamlessly integrated into existing card-based systems.The uniqueness of each person's finger provides true security, the reader can be easily tuned to fit the exact security requirements of your particular applicaton and users, FingerScan is available with its powerful Intel® based processor, sleek ergonomic design and affordable price.
Access control usually is a personnel intensive segment of security systems, we offer maximum protection for sensitive areas in banks, industry, airport, military installations and similar sites by combining the latest computer innovations with an access control system that is based on automatic face recognition.
Inspired by the way a human brain works, the neural face recognition without being tripped up by a new grown beard, a different pairs of glasses or a change in expression. A refined optical filter system in the station and the LiveCheck analysis procedure preclude any attempts at trickery with the photographs or masks.
Face recognition system is rapidly installed, even in exisitng access control or time clocking systems, as its incorporation relies on standard industry protocols and interfaces. As the stations function practically without any maintenance while in operation, saves both time and costs.
Operating either as a single-door system or as a multi-door installation, face recognition system can be tailor-made for you on request. The individual station are then clients to a central server. (Special type e.g. weather-proof terminals are also available.) The support of the ODBC database interface standard easily allows the acceptance of the master data from external databases. We will be pleased to advise you on the implementation of your individual access control concept.
The hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a person's hand all in less than one second.
Its provides the security and convenience you need at a price you can afford. The design provides the ultimate in system reliability.
Systems can be as simple as one unit on the computer room door to hundreds of units networked together. The Hand recognition systems card reader emulation mode makes adding it to existing access control systems fast and easy. A variety of communications options, including dial-up modems and Ethernet, allows you to design a system that's right for your facilities.
The Software links a virtually unlimited number of units into an integrated door access control system. All alarms and transactions report back in real time to the central computer, making door and alarm monitoring easy and efficient. Activity, user, and system reports can be easily generated. The center computer handles all hand template management automatically, allowing supervised enrollment at any reader and system-wide deletions. An optional internal modem lets you include remote site operatons. Ethernet communication is also available.

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