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Cylindrical Capacitors.
Cylindrical Capacitors FRAKO   Power Factor Correction Capacitors are components with very high power density.
15 kVar reactive power can be housed in 1000 cm. This is achieved by a very low loss
factor and high utilization of dielectric. However, in order to attain a high life expectancy,
partial discharges (these are negligible electrical discharges inside the dielectric) must be
supressed. This is achieved by using a flame inhibiting mineral filler.
Technical Remarks:   For the operation of power capacitors three aspects are of utmost
   -  high overload capacity.
   -  long life expectancy.
   -  safe reaction at overload and during possible breakdowns.
Current Load Capacity:  In networks polluted with harmonics you can expect overvoltages
and in particular a higher RMS current load when resonances occur.
if, for example, approx. 7% of the 11th harmonic occurs, then the voltage is 7% higher;
the actual value of the capacitor current, however, is 1.33 times the rated current. For
this reason a high current load capacity is even more important then the volatage load
capacity. At 400 VAC mains voltage FRAKO uses only power capacitor rated at 440 VAC.
their permissible current load capacity is:
   -  2 times the rated current at 400 VAC / 50 Hz permanently.
   -  350 times the rated current at 400 VAC / 50 Hz during short peak currents.
Life Expectancy:   Extreme purity of the material used prevent a deterioration of the
loss factor and thereby a reduction of the dielectric strength and the current load
capacity. The very low number of failures in the field prove an exceptional high life
expectancy. Field reports received over the last 10 years point to a failure rate of less
than 1% in 15years of operation.
Safety Features:  FRAKO Power Capacitors offer the highest safety with an overload
disconnector, which activates at internal overpressure, disconnects the capacitor from
the mains and thereby prevents capacitor destruction. FRAKO carriers out the tests and
regular random tests to monitor the production safety of this function. The test conditions
comply with IEC 831 standards. FRAKO Power Capacitors offer, therefore, the highest
possible standard of safet at overload and at the end of their life time.
Application:   FRAKO capacitors allow power factor correction installation to be constructed
for any requirement and meet the regulations of VDE 0560 part 41, EN 6083-1 and IEC 831 - 1
and 2. FRAKO holds the Management System Certificate ISO 9001 and the Environmental
Management System Certificate ISO 14001.
Mechanical Constructon:   Cylindrical aluminium case, dielectric consisting of metallized
polypropylene foil. Dry type, filled with a flame inhibiting, stabilized mineral filler.
The dielectric is self-healing. In case of a breakdown caused, for example, by voltage over-
load, the self-healing effect takes place. If the self-healing process does not operate
(e.g. because of voltage, current or thermal overload) the cover plate, which is designed
as an overload valve, is raised and ruptures the internal connecting wires to the coils, so
that the capacitor is disconnected from the mains.
Design:   Cylindrical aluminium case, with mounting stud M 12 x 12 Three-phase capacitors
with integrated discharge resistor.
Rating:   2.5 - 25kVar at 400V / 50Hz.
Capacitance and Rating Tolerance:    +/- 5%
Power Loss:   Approx. 0.05 % (0.5 Watt/kVar) measured at the connecting terminal including
discharge resistors. Approx. 0.02 % (0.2 Watt/kVar) measured at the capacitor coils.
Temperature Class:   - 40 C to + 60  C
Discharging:   According to IEC 831, every power capacitor must have a discharge device
which guarantess a discharge to 75 VAC within three minutes.
FRAKO capacitors have integrated discharge resistors which guarantee a discharg to
50 VAC within one minute.
Voltage Load Capacity:     FRAKO Power Capacitors have a load capacity in accordance with VDE 0560, part 41.
Rated voltage 440 VAC 480 VAC 525 VAC 610 VAC
8 hours daily 484 VAC 528 VAC 578 VAC 671 VAC
30 min daily 506 VAC 552 VAC 604 VAC 702 VAC
5 min 528 VAC 576 VAC 630 VAC 732 VAC
1 min 572 VAC 624 VAC 683 VAC 793 VAC
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