European Security Systems A Complete one source Security Solution with physical perimeter protection in the form of
gates, barriers, turnstiles, roadblocks, fences, modern CCTV systems, video motion
detection, bank security, alarms access control as well protection of sites / buildings /
persons, facility management (BMS),installation and maintenance.
Palisade Fencing Welded Mesh Fence Fence Posts Railing
Sturdy Palisades fence provides long-term protection against corrosion galvanized plus plastic coated - are fastened by screws to the strong horizontal supports and cannot be moved and so create a simple styling, harmonizing with the environment.
They can be erected in parallelogrammes, to match the slope of the site boundary. The palisade profiles with their fitted flange also allow the subsequent erection of chain link or welded mesh, for example near the bottome, in order to close or shield the sections of the fence.
The palisades can be equipped with the security devices, like barbed wire holders, inclined inwards or outwards or also with spikes.
The posts with their integral assembly flanges are manufatured especially for the versatility demanded by fence construction. They are designed to structural building principles to carry the loads applied to the post, with a high factor of safety. Our structural calculations prove this and are available if required.
The robust flange runs along the complete length of the post and permits the use of the usual types of welded mesh in fence construction at any position. There are no pre-determined positions, which force the welded mesh to be attached at specified points.
Fence posts combined with the versatile fixtures and fittings are used wherever fencing is necessary, i.e. for private housing, sprots grounds, industrial estates, top-security areas and large buildings. The steel posts with their triangular cross-section and roboust assembly flange guarantee a universal application in fence construction.
Railings give a prestigious protection for buildings and external facilities. They distinguish themselves by their elegant, solid and strong construction blending perfectly with their surroundings, as part of the architecture.
- post and panelled or continuous slotted construction
- trapezoidal steel section of different cross sections
- infill of vertical steel section bars, welded mesh, trapezoidal profile sheets, hipped panels or infills made to customer's specification
- high quality manufacture by use of shielded arc, or automatic welding
- integral secure connections
    -  spigots
    -  security bolts with shear nuts
Electro-Fence is a powerful intruder deterrent, which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence. Any attem to cut or climb the Electro-Fence is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock and attempts to short cirucuit, reduce the voltage or breach the fence in any way generates an immediate alarm. The wires alternate between live and earth to ensure absolute security, a controller continuously monitors Electro-Fence for different type of attack generating an alarm when pre-progrommed conditions are met.
The Electro-Fence system can be broken down into zones so that the controller immediately recoginses the attempted entry locaton. The Electro-Fence readily integrates and interfaces with standard security equipment. In the even of power-failure, uninterrupted power is supplied by a battery back-up system.
Available in single or dual zone controller, which are fence mountable. There is no requirement for H.T. lead-cut cable ducts. A six zone controller is available for large installations.
Electro-Fence can be controlled with Security Alarms, CCTV system, and Access Control which report intrution to Guard on Patrol or at the Control room
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