European Security Systems A Complete one source Security Solution with physical perimeter protection in the form of
gates, barriers, turnstiles, roadblocks, fences, modern CCTV systems, video motion
detection, bank security, alarms access control as well protection of sites / buildings /
persons, facility management (BMS),installation and maintenance.
Gates Tyre Killers Turnstiles Road Blockers Arm Barrier
Sliding gates are an ideal solution for entrances and  exits, fulfilling equally the demands of aesthetic design and traffic conditions.
Beside the space saving use of a site access, they offer a high standard of security and ease of operation through fully automated movement.
The tyre killer provides high security for sensitive areas against forced and unauthorized entry or exit of motor vehicles. Tyres, axles and suspension of motor vehicles will definitively be destroyed when forced entry or excape is attempted.
The operation of the tyre killer is effected either manually or automatically via induction loops and electronic vehicle identification systems. The automatic operation is also possible via a contact crash-pad attached to one lifting pole barrier installed in front of the tyre killer. If a motor vehicle crashes violently through the barrier the tyre killer will automatically raise into blocking position.
The Efficient and reliable passage control, turnstiles for individual passage reliably secure and protect entry and exit of sites and highly sensitive areas. They allow authorized persons to enter and exit these areas without the necessity for security personnel.
These turnstiles are easily operated and do not require much physical effort, as opposed to purely manual turnstiles where the operation is controlled by a spring, the power-asisted TOURNAMATIC drive and the electro-mechanical locking models can be integrated with central access control and time recording systems. Typically, using a card reader system with a TOURNAMATIC drive, a frequency of 15 people/minute using the turnstile can be achieved.
HIGH-quality corrosion protection for a long life : All stainless steel parts are long-term corrosion protected by high-quality arc galvanizing plus layers of bonded plastic TRI-PROTECT with perfect maintenance-free surface.
Road blocks offer maximum security for vitally senstive areas against unauthorized entry of vehicles of all sizes and weights.
In operation, the heavy blocking segment raises(via controller or automatic) within 4 seconds and blocks the access with a blocking height of 650 mm. In lowered position the road block is absolutely unobtrusive and flush with the road surface.
Barrier gates provide the simplest solution for blocking entry to property or controlling vehicular access. Barrier gates have also proved themselves in the field of industry, commerce and with government authorities, the system is as simple as it is effective without proper identificaton access is refused. The reason for their frequent use is ease of erection and functional reliability.
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