European Security Systems A Complete one source Security Solution with physical perimeter protection in the form of
gates, barriers, turnstiles, roadblocks, fences, modern CCTV systems, video motion
detection, bank security, alarms access control as well protection of sites / buildings /
persons, facility management (BMS),installation and maintenance.
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Our Systems are chosen wherever high reliability and compatibility of all system components are essential. From simple CCTV system to the perimeter surveillance of a nuclear power station, supervision of a production process or recording a criminal act we have the right system for every situation : practical, functional and economical from a stand-alone product to complex integrated video matrix systems.
Protection in all weathers :
For outdoor applications of CCTV cameras and lenses, special housings are required to protect the equipment against humidity,dust, cold temperature or direct sunlight. We offer housing of many different sizes that offer high protection for the camera as well as ease of installation and maintenance.
Typical features of the series WSG-300 :
- Easy and fast installation and maintenance
- Well -designed, fold-down housing bodies
- Plug - in cable connectors
- 4 x height - adjustable camera bases
- Insulated camera mounting
- VDE compliant construction
The right Camera for every application :
Whether for low light levels or very high resolution or for the general need where the price may decide the choice without neglecting functionality and reliablity.
Typical features :
-  Swithchable sens-up facility
-  Integral blacklight compensation (switchable)
-  Integral automatic shutter to allow the use of economic manual lenses for indoor applications
- Line lock
- Integral power supply unit
Video Matrix Systems Switching Pictures Crosswire :
A video matrix enables the independent switching of many camera signals onto different monitors, recorders etc. The monitors can be split up in several control groups. The switching is controlled either manually, e.g. when a guard wants to see a specific picture and uses the control keyboard, or automatically, e.g. when a door opens, a video motion detector gives an alarm, we offer video matrix systems of any size : For 16 cameras on 4 outputs or 48 on 8, or larger modular systems e.g. 496 on 40...
Alarm management on the screen :
The interactive graphical video management system, you never lose control over even complex surveillance systems.
- Individual operator surface via customer -  specific maps and user-programmable graphical symbols
- Password-protected access to all programs
- Automatic " log - entries " for alarm reports and statistics
- Easy, quick command via PC mouse, touch screen or joystick
- On receipt of an alarm automatic display of maps and symbols defining the alarm cause and of operator instruction texts
- Insertion of the (alarm) video picture into the map
Pan and Zoom into high speed :
High speed pan/tilt cameras with powerful zoom lenses and " Dome " cameras are gaining more and more importance for a range of specific security applications. We offers dome cameras and high speed telemetry control with various characteristics for single or group instalation or for the integration into complex surveillance systems.
- Integral pan/tilt system with variable speed control
- Integral decoder for all telemetry functions
- Extremely compact and maintenance friendly construction
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