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Power Factor Control Relay
Power Factor Relay Module - 9612 Description: Microprocessor- based control relay for intelligent control of capacitor bank.
Simple Commissioning: By automatic identificaton of threshold current(c/k value), phase
angle, connected capacitor stages and switching sequences.
Operator Overview: Through clear display of key momentary values and operating parameter.
--   Power factor (cos )
--    Apparent (RMS), active and reactive currents
--   5th, 7th ,11th ,13th harmonic voltage content
--    Total Capacitive power required to meet target power factor setting
Monitoring of Harmonic Levels: By continuous monitoring and display of harmonic voltage
levels. In the event of harmonic levels exceeding programmable limits, all capacitors will
be switched off through overcurrent alarm.
Power Factor Relay Module - 1100 Prolongs Switchgear Life: The RM 9606 / RM 9612 counts, stores and displays the number
of switching operations for each individual capacitor stage. An alarm is triggered if the
switching counters exceed programmable limits.
Additional Protection for Capacitors: The RMS current monitoring function provides
excellent protection for capacitor bank without harmonic filters, especially when resonance
cause an increase in harmonic levels.
Intelligent Control for Increased Equipment Life:
--   Cyclic switching for capacitor stages of the same rating.
--   Accurate switching of capacitor stages prevents unnecessary switchings for responsive
--   Continuous optimisation of switching delay according to required reactive current.
--   Potential-free alarm contact.
--   Programmable overcurrent alarm threshold limit(from 1.05 to 3.0 x Irms).
--   Continuous monitoring for defective capacitor stages through self adjustment of
control program.
--   Zero voltage and zero current tripping with alarm signal.
--   "Kinked" control curve characteristics avoid overcompensation under light load.
--   Four-quadrant power control with LED display when active power is generated into mains.
--   Manual/automatic operation with ability to switch each individual capacitor stage ON or OFF.
--   Target power factor setting adjustable from 0.80 inductive to 0.95 capacitive in steps of 0.01.
--   Preset up to three fixed capacitor stages which will be excluded from normal automatic operation.
--   Independent setting of capacitor swithcing time to match discharge time of capacitor stages.
--   Suitable for current transformers with rated secondary current of 1 A or 5 A.
Alarm Signals for:
--   Undercompensation
--   High harmonic levels
--   Overcurrent
--   Switching counters
--   Fault in voltage circuit (U = 0 alarm)
--   Fault in current circuit (I = 0 alarm)
--   Fault in capacitor stages (C = 0 alarm)
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