Power Factor Correction Leading solutions in Power Factor Correction Systems, High Performance LV Cylindrical Capacitors, Power Factor Relays, Harmonic Filters, Capacity Duty Contactors, and Modules
for Capacitor Banks.
Modules for Capacitor Bank
Modules for Capacitor Bank Time Saving Solution for the Panel Builders
Each individual  step in a module is pre-wired
on a steel plate (Modular in size), this includes

copper interconnections (top and bottom of
the module)
HRC Fuses, Contactors,
Capacitors and Harmonic Filters if required .
These Modules can be stacked vertically in your
own enclosure,
for eg. 5 Steps of 25kVAr PFC Bank = 125kVAr,
you can select 5 modules of 25kVAr and mount them
one above the other vertically
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